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    The Best Personal Lubricants

    The Best Personal Lubricants

    The basics of fun - personal lubricants

    Let's start with the basics. Have you ever tried to go down a water slide without water? It's a pretty average experience, so it takes away a LOT of the desire to do it again, let's say (dry enough, can you handle it?)

    That's why lube is so important during sex and when using your naughty little toys. However, you have to choose your personal lubricant carefully for a pleasant and optimal experience: water-based, hybrid (water and silicone), edible... how do you find it? It's pretty simple, check this out:

    Water-based personal lubricants

    This type of personal lubricant is the one recommended for use with toys because it is compatible with materials such as silicone, latex, plastic and rubber. This means it won't damage or wear out your favorite sextoy prematurely. Another great advantage is that it is easy to clean. This lubricant is also highly recommended for women with more fragile vaginal flora. It tends to stick and dry, but if needed, you can apply more, and more... and more 😉

    Water-based personal lubricants bestsellers at Jern: Toko Aqua

    Silicone-based personal lubricants

    Here's a formula that doesn't dry out and lasts looooooong. It is not used with toys apart from stainless steel ones, however, it is ideal for anal sex. And, little strong point, being water soluble... it makes pleasant midnight bath YOU KNOW! Be careful, if you have sensitive vaginal flora, this personal lubricant should be avoided.

    Silicone-based personal lubricant bestsellers at Jern: Pjur Backdoor (anal):

    and Fist it (silicone):

    Hybrid formula (water + silicone) personal lubricants

    Want a personal lubricant that combines the benefits of silicone and water? Here is the one you need: the hybrid formula personal lubricant! Designed with water AND silicone, it has everything you need: it's non-sticky and cleans up really well. The best of both worlds!

    Jern's best seller: Jo Hybrid

    Edible personal lubricants

    For those with a sweet tooth, we haven't forgotten about you! We also offer edible lube, for an even tastier experience. Most of the time, these lubricants are stickier. However, the best part is that they come in many varieties and flavors.

    Edible personal lubricants Jern's bestseller: the Wet fun line

    One more notch in personal lubricants

    Among the different types of personal lubricants, you have the option of taking the experience to another level with the hot-cold lube. The sensational effect of this personal lubricant is activated by blowing on it. Ideal for discovering new sensations, and for giving you delicious thrills!

    Personal lubricants Bestsellers at Jern: JO H2o

    and Shunga Dragon Virility (stimulating cream that also lubricates)

    So which personal lubricant catches your eye? Don't forget that if you have any questions, the team of experts at Jern will be happy to answer them!

    Hey, have a good "slide" here!

    Cath xox

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