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    How to choose the right clitoral stimulator

    How to choose the right clitoral stimulator

    Ah, the clitoris, that famous pleasure button! This little rascal knows how to give us shivers of pleasure! Today, I'm helping you choose the toy(s) that will help you reach nirvana during your solo or two-person sessions. Are you ready ladies? Let's go!

    Get to know the clitoris better

    First of all, let's talk a little about this famous clitoris. Did you know that it is the only organ in the human body dedicated solely to pleasure? Indeed, to date, no other use would have been found for it!

    It contains about 8000 nerve endings. For comparison, a finger contains about 3000 while the penis has around 6000. It is literally the most sensitive erogenous zone of the woman's body.

    A large part of the clitoris is found inside the body, the “button” that we see and feel under the fingers is only the tip of the iceberg! The visible part measures between 0.5 and 1 cm, while the internal part can measure up to 10 cm!

    The clitoris, like the penis, is made up of erectile tissue, among other things. Yes, the clitoris can grow under excitement, making it even more sensitive! It is quite easy to stimulate, and it can be done in different ways. You can caress the glans, make circles, taps, use an object to make a rubbing effect (be careful to choose something that does not hurt, you do not want to break!), or stimulate it using a toy expressly designed for this (much safer and oh so pleasant!)

    And now, how to choose the right stimulator?

    With the ton of toys available on the market, it's easy to get lost when thinking about buying a clitoral stimulator. From the outset, you should know that there are different types of stimulators: suction, pulsed wind and vibration. Some can even combine different types of sensation! The possibilities are limitless!

    Then, we choose it according to what we want to have as a sensation, what gives us pleasure. Do we like sucking, licking, back and forth on our clitoris? Over time, we get to know our bodies and what gives us orgasms. It can be interesting to try different kinds of stimulation, but also to go according to what we know about ourselves: big suction, smaller suction, which sensation(s) do I like? If you haven't already done so, discover the different types of stimulation, you could be pleasantly surprised! And above all, do not hesitate to read the comments on the different types of stimulators, this will greatly guide you in your choice. And, to help us find THE perfect clit toy for us, leave feedback about your experience when you shop at!

    How to properly use your stimulator

    Have you finally received your new toy and are you dying to try it immediately? First, make sure you clean it well. Next, a friendly reminder (you'll thank me later): always make sure your toy is CHARGED ENOUGH! I swear to you, running out of battery while about to explode with pleasure is really ordinary and quite annoying! Each stimulator has particular functions, so always read the instructions carefully before use to fully understand and use it correctly. For example, for a suction toy, it is interesting to know how to stop it before using it, so that if the suction is ever too strong, we will know how to stop it quickly! Phew! Once your new friend is cleansed and loaded, get into a comfortable position and put some lube or stimulating gel on your clitoris. Depending on how the toy is made, it will be possible to use it alone or with a partner. Dare to explore and try! Be careful to choose the right lubricant according to the material of your toy in order to preserve it as long as possible. To help you, read my article on lubricants right here:

    Here is some additional information to demystify the use of a clitoral stimulator

    True or False: We can lose sensitivity in the clitoris

    True, we can lose sensitivity if we use our toy too often. By ceasing use for 3-4 days and then starting again, the sensations return.

    True or false: We will no longer be satisfied with cunnilingus afterwards

    Very wrong! Cunnilingus brings warmth, softness, human contact with someone who turns us on, so you will understand that the sensations are really different. If the person uses their stimulator every day, and they are used to having an orgasm with their toy, they may have difficulty having the same feeling with their partner. In this case, it is necessary to think of stopping the use of the toy a few days before the physical relation, or to space out its regular use.

    A few favorites


    A favorite for several customers this Triniti! It combines vibration, clitoral sucking and licking. Easy to use, good grip, and the level of suction is well controlled.

    CiCi Kitty

    This adorable cat paw will have you shivering from head to toe! With 3 different levels of suction and 7 levels of vibration, you will find your pleasure! It is quite simple to use, submersible and its shape makes it easy to use for two people. We love!

    Cunni Licker

    We go to another level with this stimulator. The Cunni Licker combines sucking and licking. He sucks the vulva, making it swell as well as the clitoris, to accentuate the sensations. Then the false tongue comes to do the rest. It is easy to use, the strength of the suction is controlled as well as the speed of the licks. The comments are almost unanimous: customers love it!

    GTR - G-Spot Rush

    This toy is very interesting because it stimulates the clitoris AND the G-spot! It is literally a small sex robot that imitates the movement of a finger inside the vagina. Once inside, a part comes to rest and vibrate on the clitoris. 3 “finger” movement rhythms and 6 different vibration intensities.

    The Womanizer

    A classic! The “little black dress” of clitoral stimulators. This toy works by suction and pulsating air. Soft suction and pleasant vibrations, it is adopted by several women! It is also offered in several different models that will surely win you over!

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