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    Prostate massage

    Prostate massage

    Does prostate massage mean anything to you? It is simply a palpation / stimulation of the prostate. Doctors do it to treat certain problems in men. However, today, I suggest you shed some light on this ticklish subject in order to break the taboos surrounding pleasure stimulation of this erogenous zone in men.

    What exactly is the prostate?

    The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system, located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It is the size of a walnut, but can expand at the end of the 40 groin and the beginning of the 50 groin. It has an important role in the secretion of seminal fluid and in ejaculation.

    Prostate massage, but why? 

    It seems that prostate massage is full of benefits. I looked into it for you and here is what I found.

    First, massaging the prostate stimulates and increases blood circulation, which in turn activates the production of seminal fluid. The blood circulation also helps in improving man's erections.

    Then, a significant effect, it could help prevent what is called benign hypertrophy, in other words, a benign tumor that could be responsible for urinary difficulties. It also has the effect of helping to remove too much prostatic fluid from the ducts, thereby preventing inflammation of the prostate. Phew!

    Also, a rather pleasant benefit, prostate massage improves the intensity of ejaculations, while increasing the sensation of pleasure at the time of orgasm. Wow!

    How can the prostate be stimulated?

    To get to the prostate, there are not 56 paths: you just have to go through the back door! There are two positions to remember for men: on their back, legs folded towards you, or on all fours. Whether with your fingers or a toy, good hygiene is essential. Also pack some lubricant, and don't skimp, especially if it's your first time! Then go step by step, that is, slowly and gradually. Taking deep breaths to relax also helps decrease contractions in the rectum and makes it easier to insert the finger or toy.

    Prostate massage, with the finger or with a sextoy?

    What to use to stimulate the prostate? Here, it is sometimes a matter of ease: some have a blockage in inserting one or more fingers in this region, while others are less comfortable with a sextoy. Sometimes it's a matter of anatomy, and some toys make it easier to reach the desired area. If you opt for an anal stimulator, to start, choose one not too long, not too big or too curved.

    No matter what you choose, finger or toy, don't go with big back-and-forth movements, which will instead have the effect of stimulating the anal region (and making you want to evacuate, you see. like!) Insert the finger or the sex toy, then let the sphincter do the work. You can also make light movements up and down to stimulate the prostate.

    Prostate massage, is it pleasant?

    When done right, prostate massage is something really fun to experience, solo or as a couple. So, I remind you here to use lubricant, relax, have good hygiene of the anal area, hands and toy, go gradually and enjoy!

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