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    Sexperts tips you wish you'd had before

    Sexperts tips you wish you'd had before

    Ah, if only youth knew...! Have you ever thought "Oh my God, I wish I had known that before"? Or think back to a naughty experience in your youth and say a big isssssssssssssssshhhh?

    I asked you, and many of you responded, so here's a compilation of Sexperts' advice you wish you'd known before! Yo kids, take notes!


    Consent and respect are super important. You have the right to say NO! And saying yes when you don't feel like it won't make you a better person. Respect yourself. Don't let anyone masturbate inside you (in reference to a book by Mélanie Couture).

    Consent is not about submitting after saying no 60 times. You also have the right to change your mind and say no, even if you initially said yes.

    Never forget your partner's clitoris. It's a very pleasant little pleasure button that, yes, can give you solid orgasms! If you can't get her to come with penetration, focus on that and spoil her! Oh and by the way, a clit... it's not an elevator button YOU KNOW!

    Get your head out of your ass, you waited too long to get off, you missed a lot of great opportunities!

    Let yourself go, take the time to appreciate each moment and discover your body. Come out of your shell!

    Tell your partner what you want. Don't be afraid to say what you feel and talk about your needs. Communicating will help you grow even more.

    Sex and love can go together, but sex is not love!

    Think about it, maybe you're meant to be a polyamorous person... get informed and explore!

    Masturbate before a date, it might save you a regret :P

    Even if you don't have much experience, get to know your body, then you can better communicate your preferences.

    Dare to explore BDSM!

    Think about yourself and live your youth! Don't hide who you are and live life to the fullest!

    Your boyfriend at the moment is only thinking about himself during sex. It's not normal that he doesn't care that you didn't have an orgasm. You need to experiment to realize that your body deserves respect and attention. Jumping into the void is scary, but try it. Try a lot of things and you'll finally discover the sex you love, the sex that makes you feel good.

    Stop trying to satisfy your partner at all costs and forget about yourself. Don't think about anything but what you feel, and choose with whom you can feel it. Think more about yourself!

    Life is too short not to be sexually satisfied. If your partner is not able to listen, get out!

    There is no performance, only pleasure. If it's not fun, communicate that.

    You can only get an STI through oral sex, so be careful!

    Coming before you come is NOT a form of birth control.

    Buy a stock of quilts, mattresses are expensive!

    And as a bonus, my little tip: Caramel is not a good condiment to use to spice up a blow job. Honey is NOT!


    Do you have any tips to add to this list? I want to read you in the comments!

    Cath xx

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