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    The advantages of online sex shops

    The advantages of online sex shops compared to brick and mortar sex shops

    I would like to know ... how was your first visit to a sex shop? For my part, I was really embarrassed, I felt like a dog in a bowling game, you know the kind? I had plenty of questions, but I didn't even dare to ask them, yet I remember the counselor being really kind and attentive. In addition, the store was located on one of the busiest streets in town, like, hello discretion! What if my parents saw me walk into the store? Or worse, come out with a lot of bags in my arms?

    With the pandemic came the surge in online shopping. Sex shops in Quebec are no exception, and Jern has been a pioneer in online sex shops because the store has been operating only online since 2014. The team quickly understood all the advantages of opening a virtual store. As a shopper (read: as a girl who's pretty good at creating needs for herself), I thought about the following question: why is it so beneficial to shop online at Jern?

    Online sex shops are unbeatable in terms of discretion

    First of all, a big point: discretion. From the comfort of your own home, you can order whatever you like without being embarrassed by the eyes of others. You can even chat in complete confidentiality with an advisor directly on the website! She is available to guide you in your purchases and answer all your questions.

    The payment is secure, and the delivery is discreet (no inscription of Jern on the package) and really fast, that is to say 2 to 4 working days. For impatient people like me, it is also possible to easily track your package! Also, above $ 50 purchase, shipping is FREE!

    A Jern advantage that's his signature but isn't the case with all online sex shops

    Another great advantage: gifts on purchase. To be honest, I have never seen so many gifts in any store in my LIFE! How it works? Really easy: you do your shopping by putting your items in your virtual basket. Then, in your basket, you will see the available gifts at the bottom of the page: when the gift button is green, you have access to them. The more items you add to your basket, the more gifts you have! And to be honest, I was really very impressed with the quality of the surprises offered! It is so worth it!

    By the way, Jern offers a gift wrapping service for your purchases 😉

    At what age can we go to a sex shop or buy in an online sex shop?

    I've seen this question come up a few times in Jern's Facebook community and wanted to clear it up in this article: at what age can we go to a sex shop or buy in an online sex shop? The answer is simple: from the age of 18 when there is pornography. As does not offer pornographic magazines or films, it is possible for a person that is 16 years of age or older to shop there without any problem.

    So you can see that it is very interesting to do your naughty shopping in an online sex shop: accessibility, discretion, and speed, you will not be disappointed with your Jern experience!

    So what will be your next purchase?

    Good shopping!

    Cath xxx

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