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    How to choose the right clitoral stimulator

    How to choose the right clitoral stimulator

    Ah, the clitoris, that famous pleasure button! This little rascal knows how to give us shivers of pleasure! Today, I'm helping you choose the toy(s) that will help you reach nirvana during your solo or two-person sessions. Are you ready ladies? Let's go!

    Get to know the clitoris better

    First of all, let's talk a little about this famo...

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    Prostate massage

    Prostate massage

    Does prostate massage mean anything to you? It is simply a palpation / stimulation of the prostate. Doctors do it to treat certain problems in men. However, today, I suggest you shed some light on this ticklish subject in order to break the taboos surrounding pleasure stimulation of this erogenous zone in men.

    What exactly is the prostate?

    The prostate is a gla...

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    The advantages of online sex shops

    The advantages of online sex shops compared to brick and mortar sex shops

    I would like to know ... how was your first visit to a sex shop? For my part, I was really embarrassed, I felt like a dog in a bowling game, you know the kind? I had plenty of questions, but I didn't even dare to ask them, yet I remember the counselor being really kind and attentive. In addition, the store was locat...

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