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    Kimono Condom Swril Box of 12

    Manufacturer: KIMONO
    Kimono Condom Swril Box of 12
    SKU: MA03812
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    Discover the Kimono Swirl Condom Difference – Elevate Your Intimate Experience!

    Why choose the Kimono Swirl Condom?
    Because it's not just a condom; it's an experience. Our unique swirled shape, enhanced with additional latex at the head, delivers an unparalleled sensation that will leave you craving for more. Designed to twist and stimulate with every movement, it also offers extra headroom for ultimate comfort.

    A Sensual Revolution...
    A Condom That Moves with You
    The Swirl Condom is the latest addition to Kimono's extraordinary range of ultra-thin condoms. With its double helix design, the Kimono Swirl adapts to your every move, delivering heightened ecstasy for both partners. Its latex boasts a unique configuration that elegantly twists and flexes in perfect harmony with your desires.

    An Erotic Marvel in Every Encounter - Premium Pleasure – Naturally Vegan
    The Swirl Condom seamlessly combines the coveted protection you seek with a design that intensifies pleasure – it's like having a pleasure toy and a trusted condom all in one! We also believe in indulging your desires without compromise. That's why Kimono Swirl is crafted from premium, lightly lubricated vegan latex, free from parabens, glycerin, spermicide, or nitrosamines. Say goodbye to unwanted chemicals and hello to pure, unadulterated pleasure.

    No More Latex Odor - Pure Sensuality
    Tired of that unpleasant latex smell? Kimono Swirl understands, and that's why we've ensured that our condoms are odor-free, allowing you to focus solely on the sensual moment at hand

    Safety Meets Desire – Your Ultimate Pleasure
    The Swirl Kimono Condom doesn't just rely on cutting-edge science and valuable consumer insights; it redefines the very essence of pleasure. We've crafted the Swirl Kimono Condom to meet the skyrocketing demand for premium products, and we have one more goal in mind... Unleash the fun!

    Elegance Unveiled - Unique Packaging
    But Kimono Swirl doesn't stop at the condom itself. We believe in making every detail special. That's why Swirl Kimono condoms are elegantly packaged in a unique sliding tray, turning your intimate moments into a work of art.

    Technical Information
    *Double Spiral Shape

    *Width: 54mm

    *Width at Swirl: 66mm

    *Unique Double Spiral for Added Excitement

    *Spiral Shape = Less Constriction + More Comfort

    *Spring like energy

    *Extra Swirl makes for added friction and pleasure

    *5X tested, stronger, reliable

    *Exceeds US International (ISO) Standards for strength

    *Made with premium natural latex, Vegan friendly, non-GMO, no parabens, glycerin or spermicides.


    Get ready to revolutionize your intimate moments with Kimono Swirl Condoms – where security meets exhilaration and every encounter is an adventure!



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