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    Manufacturer: VIVILO
    SKU: V0110

    86,99 $
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    The Splash Dry Waterproof Blanket has a Size of 50'' x 60'' (127cm x 152cm)

    The Splash Dry is a two-color massage (and more) comfortable blanket (Pink and Blue) - 1 per side

    ViViLO once again wanted to create a healthy and pleasant environment during your erotic lovemaking, at any time, for any occasion, and at any place... Here's the Splash Dry blanket... The Love Zone for waterproof sexual adventures! Having a dry bed afterward is the promise we can make when using the Splash Dry blanket.

    The Splash Dry moto is Anywhere, Anytime with ANYTHING!

    We've all experienced this situation where we wanted to do something but refrained from doing so because we were afraid to stain or wet our bed, our sofa, our table, our carpets, in short, places we prefer to keep intact. Splash Dry offers the opportunity to use your massage lotion, your lubricant or let go of all your bodily fluids without restraint. Splash Dry is a totally waterproof barrier between you and where you are. Once the activity is done, simply wash the Splash Dry blanket and everything under or around will be perfectly dry and unblemished. To sum things up, do what you have to do, as you want to, without getting wet and without watering anything around you. Splash Dry has a pink side and a blue side.

    With Splash Dry get rid of the towel and embrace the ''Cool Dry’’ 

    Forget uncomfortable towels that get wet and take endless time to dry. The Splash Dry blanket is ideal for all activities with its size of 50 '' x 60 '' (127cm x 152cm). It’s made of polar fleece ''Cool Dry’’. Moreover, it’s lightweight, comfortable, soft for the skin, and perfectly waterproof to stay completely dry with no mess. VIVILO has checked with the manufacturer to offer the best quality possible, for as much durability as comfort.


    - Splash Dry is perfect for picnics
    - Try this beautiful hotel room and do whatever you want, thanks to Splash Dry!
    - If it starts raining, put Splash Dry on your shoulders 
    - Wet grass? Sit on Splash Dry
    - Your baby wants to play in the grass? Protect it with Splash Dry

    In conclusion, Splash Dry is a product for people who like action and comfort in different contexts 

    Before starting to have fun, spread Splash Dry where the action happens, and no matter the place, there will be no trace of your passage. Splash Dry is easy to wash and will last for years and years.

    Of course, Splash Dry is almost a must in your sexual life if:

    • Squirting is a regular part of your sexual life (Splash Dry to the rescue for a dry bed)
    • Oiling is a regular part of your sexual life (Splash Dry to the rescue to avoid staining any surface)
    • Golden showers are part of your sexual life (Splash Dry can handle it if used properly!)
    • You name it, Splash Dry can handle it!

    In fact, Splash Dry could almost be a tablecloth but it could trigger sexual desires due to intense memories of its use in inopportune moments! This is the reason why we don't recommend using it for this but if you can use Splash Dry for a family picnic, you're already a little desensitized and you should be ok!

    Splash Dry blanket is a great incentive to play more anywhere in any context!

    ***When cleaning The Splash Dry, avoid fabric softener.

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    Carol-Ann | 3/12/2024 5:16 PM
    Je l'adore !
    Pour des massages ou une relation complète, c'est un must indispensable pour garder les draps et couvertures propres :)
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    Christine | 1/25/2023 5:52 PM
    Je ne m'en passerais plus. Elle fait vraiment sa job comme couverture. Je l'adore. Je la recommande!!
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Nadia | 1/20/2023 9:24 PM
    Wowwww, meilleur achat à vie
    C'est vraiment le meilleur protecteur de matelas que j'ai eu dans ma vie. J'en ai essayé plusieurs mais celui-ci a plusieurs fonctions, ont peut l'utiliser plusieurs fois puisqu'il est très très grand, il peut servir de nappe à pic nic hihihi, il est super beau donc ça ne paraît pas que c'est une protection pour les femmes fontaine et il ne prend presque pas de place.
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Marie-Eve | 1/19/2023 6:43 PM
    Excellent produit.
    J'adore tous endroit reste au sec.
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Sylvain | 7/28/2022 5:54 PM
    Livraison ultra rapide...parfait pour abuser de ma compagne en tout pouvoir dormir au sec par la le recommande..
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Julie | 7/16/2021 11:34 AM
    Il vous FAUT une Splash Dry !
    Parfait pour les femmes fontaines,  cette couverture magique gardera vos draps et votre matelas au sec
    En plus de servir dans la chambre à coucher, c'est c'est couverture idéale pour s'asseoir dans l'herbe mouillée en restant au sec. C'est un must à posséder chez soi!
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Guest | 5/4/2021 8:22 AM
    Cette couverte est juste merveilleuse. Parfaite pour les femmes fontaines ou les jeux uros. Chiant à laver parce qu'elle absorbé trop donc difficile à essorer dans la laveuse mais je l'accroche toujours pour sécher.
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